Why Membership?

Coming Soon

Due to the COVID pandemic we have been unable to meet in person. For this reason, we have suspended memberships until we can regularly and safely gather in person. 

A paradigm shift

Lay sangha communities in the Insight Tradition have mostly been drop-in and donation supported. Often there are a handful of volunteers, but the challenge is how to empower the full community to feel a sense of ownership. Assaya Sangha’s membership model was developed to radically shift this paradigm and better support:

  • A greater sense of belonging and ownership

  • A member-centered community vs. teacher-centric

  • A full circle model of support that includes everyone

What does it mean to be a member of Assaya Sangha? 

Assaya is a spiritual refuge and a place of deep belonging. It is a sisterhood as well as a physical location that provides an environment where practitioners can develop and thrive spiritually. We are a member- centric and supported Sangha. The type of programs, outreach and personal support are driven by the interests of the community. To sustain and flourish we rely on all our members for their dedication, service and enthusiasm for Dharma and community.

Image by Jed Adan

Steps to Membership

Come practice with us for several months then take the following steps!

Step One

Read through the membership page of our website and fill out the “Membership Request Survey” 

Step Two

A teacher or member of the sanhga will reach out and talk with you in-person or over the phone. This is to go over membership and community agreements, answer questions, and connect you with a senior member of the community.

Step Three

If membership is a good fit, you’ll be welcomed into the sangha with other incoming members.  

Stipulations for Membership

  • To undertake the precepts of non-harming

  • To uphold Assaya Sangha’s Values and Community Agreements as a practice of non-harming and harmony in the sangha.

  • Members with little experience with diversity training will be offered training 

  • Members will agree to monthly dues and service hours

​Membership Dues and Service

  • ( TBD ) per month (no one is turned away due to lack of funds). 

  • The practice of dana (generosity) will mostly be talked about in terms of service. Members commit to at least twelve Sangha service hours a year. 

  • Members are eligible to take leadership roles in the community. These roles require more hours and so monthly dues are exempt.

  • Members are encouraged to attend community social events, temple cleanings, and new member welcome ceremonies. 

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Support of Membership Stipulations

  • To promote a healthy community and support members to meet the stipulations of membership, the following will be provided:

  • Diversity, unrecognized advantage, age and gender equity education will be provided onsite to members to support a safe and harmonious sangha for all.

  • An Ethics and Reconciliation Council providing a process for checks and balances of both leadership and general members. 

  • An Elders Council and guiding teachers to help facilitate the integration of Dharma.

  • A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee to meet the changing needs of our growing community.